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Each of the manufacturers we represent is unique. At Marketing Concepts Northwest, our business is really about understanding your product line, budget, finances and brand to uniquely serve your business. This approach allows our team to work within the realm of your capabilities to profitably sell as much product as possible.

Channel Expertise

SmartLens Analytics

Amazon Partner Network:

Marketing Concepts Northwest in now one of the select Agencies that are members of the Amazon Partner Network. Inclusion as a managed-service provider distinguishes us as elite at the services we provide. Most importantly, being a member means Amazon has signed off on our ability to master their current product adaptations with an advanced knowledge. Having a complete understanding of how they operate and the drawbacks/benefits of their entire platform helps us effectively communicate the same to our partners to help us to reach our common goals. On top of that, we are able to take advantage of both open and closed beta opportunities to ensure we are educated on future product adaptations launched by Amazon Advertising.

Our capabilities include:

Digital best practices

Selling strategy expertise

Identifying digital trends

Ongoing communication with Amazon

Advertising planning & execution

Demand planning & inventory analysis

Product monitoring

Detail page best practices & search engine optimization

Product position improvement & review strategies


Catalog cleanup & item setups

Supply chain education & support


Kroger logo and symbol, meaning, history, PNG

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Big-Box Retail

At Marketing Concepts Northwest, we provide our manufacturers with a unique understanding of the Northwest retail customers that we sell to. Our perspective is local, in the know, and on the ground; it comes from over 60 years of experience in developing relationships with buyers and senior managers in a variety of categories. Our capabilities include:

Account selling and management strategies

Category review timing

Changes in a channel’s buying strategies

Schematic management

Product Marketing

Advertising & display management

Forecasting and PO management

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